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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 24, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> i am eric thomas. we have had showers. what is going on? >> live doppler 7 hd shows we are looking at a lack of radar returns over most of the bay area. down to the south, that is where we are seeing the best radar returns around the monterey bay and trying to push their way north into the santa clara valley. to the thought we have had clearing leading to the formation of fog so watch out for that with wet streets and reduced visibility, not a great combination. we will find out if it is causing accidents. you can see yellows, and moderate rain around the monterey bay and south and as we head through the day this is going to try to climb to the north is the south bay has the best chance of seeing rain and 2.5 mile visibility in san jose but the fog is three quarter in napa and 1.75 in novato and
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santa rosa. very mild temperatures, in the upper 40's to mid-50's and this afternoon, temperatures hang out in the upper 50's to mid-60's with the best chance of a shower across the south bay. >> right now it is quiet. we have slick roads can make for dangerous driving conditions so maybe extra time this morning. san jose, 87 northbound direction beyond h.p. pavilion the sharks are in action tonight. it is looking good right now. we have rain at the bay bridge toll plaza with a delay for cash-paying folks. no problems at all moving on the upper deck, and bart and muni and caltrain and all mass transit on time at 6:00 this morning. road work until 7:00 this morning and one way track control up and over devil's slide. >> developing news, crews in
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marin county are assessing the damage of a water main break in greenbrae. the water gushed from the break at 2:00 a.m. and the power of the water was spraying very high in the air. a dozen homes do not have water. no home was flooded but the street is closes as the water drains. amy will have a live update from the scene in the next half hour. >> in san jose police are investigating the city's second homicide of the year. the victim was a woman known as the candy lady because she sold snacks and sodas from the home and found shot inside her home yesterday afternoon. the neighbors say she was a sweet woman and do not know why anyone would hurt her. she may have been targeted.
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>> governor brown will deliver the state of the state address from sacramento and is looking at a bright are future for california after convincing voters to pass the tax initiative and erase billions from the budget deficit with help from a democratic supermajority elected to the legislature but republicans will pay close attention. >> i hope he talks how we build up jobs. he has been quiet on that. he certainly has taxed the high income earners again but what about getting the rest of us employed. >> the governor's speech from the chambers is expected to last half an hour. abc7 will carry the governor's state of the state address live from the state capital at 9:00 this morning and it will stream live on >> later this morning, secretary of defense panetta will formally lit the ban on women serving in combat in the military.
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some men are concerned about the policy change. >> the u.s. military is about do become fully integrityied. panetta will announce an end to the ban on women serving in combat. >> they have proven time and time again. they will get the recognition that key. >> the move overturns a 1994 rule restricting women from being assigned to the front lines and elite combat divisions. in reality they have exported heavy packs taking on direct combat roles in iraq and afghanistan. helicopter pilot lost both legs in combat and sevens in congress now. >> the reality is the battlefield has changed. everyone is serving in a combat situation. >> retired colonel olson was one of the first air force pilots in the air force. >> we arushed -- allowed the
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with dome have a chance. >> a poll shows three quarters of americans support women in come budget but not all men serving do. the young soldier said that will create sexual tension which can create a distraction that can be life-or-death adding women are designed to love and nurture. men are designed to hunt and kill. a defense official tells abc each branch of the armed forces has until may to get a plan to integrate women fully. secretary panetta wants to implement it by may commanders have three years to seek special exceptions if they believe there are roles that should remain closed. >> police are searching the south bay for a man who tried to kidnap a young girl. our news reporter joins us live at headquarters. police have a key piece of evidence that could help crack the case. >> that is right. it is very compelling video
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caught on surveillance video and this morning the san jose police are eager to talk with a man who has it which could be evidence in the attempted kid napping of a 13-year-old walking to school. the neighbor heard of the attempted abduction at st. james and 33rd street and he checked the home surveillance system and the girl is seen on tape running away from someone. >> there she is. she goes and does not make it beyond the tree. if you look right here you might see him dart off right there but you can barely see it. >> i heard loud screaming and opened the door and a girl across the street was running to the right side and this guy, tall, skinny, dressed to black, really talking, ran the opposite side. >> the girl was not hurt but put together this sketch of the suspect believed latino man at
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25 to 35 years old, black hair, brown eyes wearing brown shoes with white paint on them. police plan to talk with the neighbor about the surveillance video. if you have any information about this case get in touch with san jose police. >> traffic and both, together, frisk on abc7 morning news. >> doctors are calling it a growing problem, bitter criminal sabotage. who is responsible and what doctors say needs
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>> zooming down to the street level, the leading edge is in morgan hill and watsonville road and 152 and 129 and one headed to santa cruz and 101 to monterey, all those areas are wet. as far as temperatures today, under clouds and scattered shower and mild again and upper 50's to low 60's. as we head through the next couple of days we get a break
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tomorrow with temperatures the same. a little more sunshine. showers and cooler temperatures saturday and sunday. sue? >> we have first report of an accident c.h.p. headed to the scene in san francisco to southbound 101 blocked right now at 4th so use 7th or 10th street southbound 101 out of san francisco. otherwise, quiet out there with nice-looking ride at 580 and a commute up and over the altamont pass and busy highway 4 westbound and 880 from 238 to the macarthur maze. here is 80 westbound, bunched up as you move to the junction with the metering lights just turned on. >> in health news, the nation's leading group of gynecologists is urging doctors around the country to screen women for
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so-called birth control sabotage. doctors say the sabotage takes place when a man intentionally tries to get a woman pregnant without her knowledge including hiding the pills or pretending to wear a condom. doctors say they do not know how common it is but they see enough of it to make a new recommendation. >> are you guilty of taking pictures of your food at restaurants? ahead, the photo backlash leading some chefs to take action. amen -- menlo
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area,
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this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, we have them all covered with radar. you will run into a wall of water to the south. headed up 80 or 50, no chain requirements. it is raining at lake level. the snow is in the higher elevation. to the south and west, we will be brought another chance of scattered showers as you head from noon to 4:00. temperatures in the upper 50's and more dry through the evening hours. katie and eric. >> thank you, sir. new this morning, facebook has the okay toes expand headquarters in menlo park. the city council unanimously approved a deal last night allowing the company to build a second campus near the country headquarters on willow road. in exchange, facebook will pay
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$1.5 million to menlo park over 10 years. facebook will hand over $100,000 to the city for other improvements on top of the property taxes facebook will pay. >> investors will be chosely monitoring apple stock when trading resumes in 15 minutes. shares for the cupertino company plunged 10 percent after hours following the release of the latest earnings report. it shows sales for the iphone have slowed. this morning, shares for apple are again below $500. they once traded up to $700 which has wiped out a year in gains for investors. a different story for netflix, the internet video service announced yesterday they added two million subscribers in the final three months of 2012 sending the stock skyrocketing 35 percent. they announced they earn
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$million last quarter. analysts predicted a loss. stay with the morning news at 6:45 we go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange to see how apple and netflix are doing. >> the rise of photo sharing website led many to take pictures of their food. now, some restaurants are telling customers to put the smartphone cameras away. "new york times" reports several restaurants in the big apple ban customers from taking photos of their food saying the flashes are ruining the dining experience. one restaurant owner said the photo taking wasn't just distracting other customers but to the chefs. >> anding. not why i thought it was a problem. >> could be more to it than that. >> we will dig into that. >> guilty.
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>> mike? >> hi, katie. >> niece to meet you. >> dialing in to the south where the rain is. you can see over san francisco, we are doing pretty good but there is residual moisture left on the roads and hanging in the area in the form of fog and mist now live doppler 7 hd shows the best radar runs to the south around monterey bay and creeping into the santa clara body which is as far north as it gets. when you go down 101 to morgan hill you will run into the wet weather. our temperatures are in the upper to low 50's, these are the latest temperatures from 47 in fairfield to 52 in oakland and san francisco and mountain view and half moon bay and headed to monterey bay with the rain temperature is 49 at watsonville
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and everyone else is 50 to 52 degrees. in the forecast cycle, we have a chance of a shower and it will taper headed into the evening hours patchy fog forming tonight and the next system brings us cooler weather saturday, sunday, and monday and a chance of scattered light showers today you can see the wall of water to the south and the curl in the atmosphere which is the final push from the system coming at us from the south bringing the best chance of showers across the south bay. you can see to the south best chance of showers through the morning commute and we get a break toward noon. you can see the next low coming in and bringing us our best chance of showers south of the golden gate bridge but the best measurable area is south bay. overnight we have a break with fog forming tomorrow morning but
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sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow and scattered showers saturday and sunday. snow level is 5,000 feet on saturday and down to around 4-9sdz feet -- 4,000 feet on sunday. >> we have a report from the california highway traffic of an accident 80 westbound in albany. i do not see anything happening here yet. we saw a c.h.p. officer headed eastbound direction before we came live on camera but the traffic is slowing nicely through emeryville to the bay bridge. where traffic is now backed to the macarthur maze. blockedet online is partly and a new accident at south 101. you can get on the highway at 4th it is not totally blocked and a new accident at south 101
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in sunnyvale. >> and picking a paint color can be hard to do. picking a brand can be even harder. michael finney and "security e ws
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i ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean e ws
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>> 6:24 on this thursday. we will have another chance of scattered showers down to the south. we talked about that a lot. today, we will have 57 in antioch and concord and san rafael. and 62 in san jose and santa cruz. if you travel around the best chance of wet weather is south of 80. the heavy rain falls around los angeles and san diego upper 60's to low 70's. safe travels. katie and eric? >> the paint possibilities are endless but do you have to spend a lot for a great if be? >> michael finney and our pans at "consumer reports" sometimes paying more is not bad. >> do you feel your home is looking drab? it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. when it comes to choosing paint it goes way beyond color.
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>> gale is at the local hardware store looking at paints after a great experience repainting the bedroom. >> it looks brand new. >> a new color can be inexpensive way to get a whole new look say experts at "consumer reports." they evaluated 65 paints. the tester says steer clear of economy paint. >> a good price is a good thing but stay away from inexpensive paints. >> you do not need to spend top dollar. benjamin moore which can cost up to $68 a gallon did well but was not top rated in consumer reports latest paint test. the highest scores went to paints that cost half that, a new brand called clark and they are sold at ace hardware selling for $33 a gallon. >> it topped the rating in satin finish.
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and in semi gloss and among the best in the flats hiding imperfections. >> the clark paints resisted stain and stood up to scour after 1,000 passes with a stiff scrub brush. plus, the paints are great at hiding so you can cover the old paint you are tired of looking at. >> you can save time and money by not having to apply a primer. >> and you can buy it as the local ace. if you shop at home depot paints available here did well. including several recommended in all changes including bayer premium plus which sells for over $20 a gallon. and another for $25 a gallon.
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if you like lowe's a signature paint in all three finishes for around $33 a gallon. >> ahead at 6:30 we know smoking is bad, but a new study is revealing just how much lighting up can take off your light. >> but, first, brother versus brother in the super bowl in a family event with jim and john harbaugh. >> crews in marin county preparing right now for a big fix to repair the damage done overnight great a pipe break
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>> this is abc7 news live from the kgo broadcast center.
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>> few seconds shy of 6:30. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. we had overnight rain. i am eric thomas. what is going on? mike? >> we will talk about live doppler 7 hd. good news for the morning commute. look where the wet weather is, the most organized and steady rain, in the southern santa clara valley headed to monterey bay. we had fog and moisture in the air and mist in the streets still wet from yesterday but we are not dealing with rain through the morning commute from about morgan hill north. this is still moving to the north as you can see and the moist southern flow, look at these temperatures, in the upper 40's to low 50's. headed in the afternoon, we will have one more chance of scattered showers especially the further south you are. showers at 57 to 60 at the coast and hanging around 58 to 63 in the bay and the south in the 59
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to 62 range inland where the best chance of showers is in the south inland valleys. have a good day. >> we have an update from the c.h.p. telling us this accident at 80 westbound is in the richard area with heavy traffic and moving to the macarthur maze so left lane and median is blocked so that is the latest we have on the accident. metering lights are on at the bay bridge and traffic is stacking up to the maze. golden gate bridge is looking good into san francisco with no major delays and track is slowing nicely. we have a problem on the 4th street on-ramp with an accident in san francisco. a multi-vehicle accident south 101 in sunnyvale you will see slowing moving southbound. katie and eric? >> we start with developing news
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we brought you at 4:30 this morning, a main road in and out of north bay community remains blocked at this hour. amy joins us live from greenbrae with a look at the damage. amy? workers are starting a very long repair after water was spewing like this for half an hour at a rate of 1,500 gallons a minute at 2:15 this morning in greenbrae. we are just south of san rafael. the fire department first responded and they were able to get the water stopped but the fix is going to take time. but people will struggle this morning and it will probably mean no shower and no coffee.
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>> it will be shut off for a long-term and the people will be out of water for five or six hours. >> look at this hydrant, the first thing that the firefighters noticed, someone hit it with a car but that is not what happened. it was a broken pipe. it just knocked it over after the rupture. the crews have to come out, dig up the street, patch the pipe and re-pave it and will be here for six to eight hours so residents have to november gate around this throughout the day and they will be without water for a while. >> in oakland an abandoned three story home is a complete loss after a fire.
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flames broke out after 5:30 but the file fires did not go in because this was no walls or floors. >> according to "usa today" in the chandra levy case, the man convicts of murdering chandra levy, has been summoned to appear in court in two weeks. the appeal has been put on hold the parents of the congressional intern say that all they we have been told by the prosecutors from the federal government is secret closed door hearings have been held twice since december having to do with a witness not telling the truth the now, the chandra parents are concerned he could be set free. >> he is a criminal, a convicted rapist so he should not go free. if he is innocent of murder, he should not be in jail. >> chandra levy's body was found in a washington, dc, area mark,
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in 2002, and he was convicted of murdering her eight years later and sentenced to 60 years in prison. >> new this morning, we have a new look at the investigation in the boeing 787 dreamliner and the electric problem. this is a new photo released overnight showing investigators analyzing a battery belonging to a japan airlines dreamliner. a fire started on a flight january 7 at boston's logan airport. no, we are talking about the 787. the ntsd will update the investigation on the fire with dreamliners drowned around the world. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton, will introduce her likely successor today, john kerry, who will face a friendly line of questioning, testifying before the senate foreign affairs committee, his own panel, which he has served on for 28 years and led for the past four years.
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the five-term massachusetts senator is expected to win overwhelming bipartisan support from his colleague. >> tonight is the night sharks fans have been waits months for, returning to the ice. san jose is 2-0 in the lockout-shorteddened season after the win in edmondton. the puck drops at 7:30. go, 49ers. more hype ahead of the super bowl 47 between the 49ers and the ravens. >> at 8:00 a.m. the harbaugh family talk to the media about the hard bowl, the conference call includes 49ers head coach, jim, and the ravens head coach, john harbaugh and their parents jackie and jack. jim and job will become the first brothers to coach against each other in the super bowl or the "bro bowl."
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we will introduce you to the birth mom star quarterback kaepernick and what she is saying after she gave him up for adoption. we have an entire team headed to the super bowl, and the sports director larry beale and mike shumann will be joined by wayne freed man and raise the roof katie marzullo, with live reports from new orleans next week and we will tweet updates at abc7 news bay area. >> we appreciate the support i am getting from the morning team. >> we will find support from you and you will be the first to get it. >> i will make you proud. >> we have traffic and weather together next on abc7 morning news with a live look outside this morning at the san mateo richmond bridge and mike nicco will have the full accweather forecast. >> doctors have been telling us
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of the dangers of smoking for 50 years and a new warning could make you think twice about li
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>> good morning, 6:40 on thursday. you can see the wall of water to the south moving north. it will be a better chance in the afternoon. we will see another round of scattered showers. 80 and 50 to the sierra, rain level up to 7,000 feet. back at home we have a damp morning. misty. with fog. in the mid-40's to around 50. in the 50's this afternoon with showers tapering tonight. we get a break tomorrow. the cooler scattered light showers for saturday and sunday.
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now traffic. >> happy thursday. a live shot of 80, the east shore freeway, this is beyond university avenue further to the east we have an accident, two cars involved, cleared on the shoulder, beyond carlson but before central so you will find slow traffic. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. 280 in san jose looking good as you move north to cupertino, the 17 overcrossing which by the way c.h.p. is saying they are raining in the santa cruz mountains and they have put on electronic traffic signs because of slick roads through 17 and santa cruz. south 101 sunnyvale, an early accident is now cleared so traffic is improving there. smoking could take a decade off your life. research shows smoking cuts 10 years off the average life span but quitting at any age does buy time. the research has more bad news for women, women who smoke today
6:42 am
have a much greater risk of dying from lung cancer than female smokers decades ago because they starting younger and smoking more. the research appears in the new england journal of medicine. >> the birth mom of kaepernick goes public talking about giving him away to another family more than two decades ago. >> trading is underway on wall street.
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>> antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:45 on thursday. now in the forecast, starting this morning, it is damp and
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foggy but mild at 46 to 52. a last chance of scattered showers this afternoon at 56 to 63 so it is mild. the showers will fade headed into the evening at 48 to 53. if you travel around the state, from 80 south we have a lot of rain and most of the rain will fall around los angeles and san diego and palm springs with scattered rain showers around tahoe and yosemite 50. >> new this morning, a bizarre twist in the hoax involving notre dame football star manti te'o and the girlfriend he learned wasn't real. this morning, reports are that the person who impersonated manti te'o's girlfriend for years was the mastermind of the hoax. his attorney says the client used a high voice to talk to manti te'o on the phone and in an interview katie couric asked manti te'o about the phone
6:46 am
conversations. >> she came out of her coma when she was on the phone with you and the next was which. what did you hear on the other end of the line? >> obviously just breathing at first, and it was one of those where she was breathing and she started to kind of whisper my name and i jumped for joy, she was out, she was talking, and i kind of, i was confident, i helped her. >> you can watch the full interview with manti te'o and his parents on "katie" today at 3:00 right here on abc7. >> when 49ers quaterback kaepernick takes the field on sunday the biggest fan will watch from her home in denver, colorado. his birth mother is now talking about the tough decision she made 25 years ago to put her son up for adoption.
6:47 am
she says she became pregnant when she was 19, and it was the toughest decision she ever made but it felt it was the right thing to do for her son. >> personally, i was in a situation that wasn't planned, certainly wasn't in a position to give the life i wanted him to have. >> she selected the couple to adopt him when he was six weeks old and hopes to meet him face-to-face one day but it is up to him. she says she is not speaking now to share in his success, she just wants him to know she never stopped thinking about him and she is proud of him. >> likely tension over apple performance this morning in cupertino. >> what do workers hope from, from their employers? we go to jane king from the new york stock exchange. >> goodgood morning, if you are
6:48 am
thinking of leaving what would it get you to stick around? better salaries and flexible schedules and 26 percent say better perks are nice. the most common perks include half day fridays, on-site fitness center and inning allowed to wear jeans. and a thousand positions are cut in mountain view as the software maker gets a makeover and apple shares are skinned down almost 12 percent. investors are not impressed with the record revenue of the ipad and iphone sales saying they are concerned about how quickly the sales are dropping and focusing on how much the profit growing is slowing. investors lover the company they used to love to hate with netflix at 41 percent gain so opposite stories of apple and netflix getting a surprise
6:49 am
profit. the markets show some gains, but, apple is weak on the nasdaq and silicon valley index trading lower because of apple. if you look if a new car, can you get a good deal on 2013 models including up to 15 percent off the suggested retail price of $42,000. the bmw, five years, 12 percent mark down off $62,000 price, and infinity is discounted 10 percent. >> thank you very much. mike is here with a look at the weather. still damp. what is next? >> frizzy out there. the frizz factor is high. extra squirt of hair spray. more g." -- more gel for me.
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visibility from mount tamalpais to san francisco it is good. tracking the rain, around monterey bay in the southern santa clara valley all morning and it is getting up around st. tree is boulevard headed parallel to 101 to morgan hill. by the afternoon hours it could make it further to the north. our 24 hour rain, the south bay has received the least but will get some, and .1" along peninsula and san francisco, and .05" in hayward and santa rosa the big winner at .5" of rain. now, now. outside it is mild. the moisture is keeping the temperature up in the upper 40's to low 50's. another push of showers and a chance will taper during the evening hour. patchy fog and more tonight and
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showers and cooler conditions saturday, sunday, and monday during the afternoon hours, with the cooler weather moving in. not cold overnight like early this week. the low we are watching right here pushes in down to the south where we will have our best chance of scattered showers. at 7:00, showers are tapering and re-developing with a low in the afternoon and evening hours. when it passes you can see it tapers overnight and a few breaks in the cloud cover where we will see the best fog develop for the morning commute and tomorrow afternoon watch the wind shift from the north westin introducing scattered light showers on saturday and temperatures that are cooler. upper 50's to near 60 tomorrow. mid-to-upper 60's on saturday with scattered showers and mid-50's saturday and sunday. sue? >> no chain requirements now in tahoe area if you are headed on
6:52 am
either 80 or 50. in san jose the headlights snaking up to the northbound direction from san jose to sunnyvale and cupertino on 280 and getting busy here but no major delays or stalls or accidents for report the early accident at richmond before central is cleared but you still find heavy traffic as you make your way to the macarthur maze and metering lights are on and traffic is stacking up. eastbound 380, debris in the road causing five vehicles to have flats before 101 and that is off to the shoulder. westbound 24 before 580 reports of an accident on the shoulder there. >> ahead, five things to know before you
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>> welcome back, everyone, as
6:54 am
6:53, a live look outside from our roof camera, you can see the embarcardero and the bay bridge, a gray morning and it will be damp so you have the extra frizz factor for your hair forecast. we will dry out today but keep your umbrella handy. >> hair-cast. >> here are five things to know before you go: number one, crews in marin county will start digging up a street in greenbrae after a broken water main. a dozen homes do not have water service in greenbrae. crews home to have the service restored as soon as possible. >> two, san jose police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. a neighbor's surveillance video caught the incident. police have released a concept of the man. >> number three, governor brown delivers the state of state
6:55 am
address from the state capital in two hours. he says that california is on the rebound and is expected to lay out an ambitious and optimistic agenda. we will care that speech live on abc7 and stream it live on at 9:00. >> number four, happening now, senator john kerry's confirmation hearing to be the next secretary of state is underway any moment. we are looking at a live picture from capitol hill. john kerry is appearing before the senate foreign affairs committee. the five term massachusetts senator is expected to win overwhelming support. >> >> shark tank will be buzzing with the sharks returning to home ice. they won the first two games on the road and are 2-0. they play phoenix tonight. >> now the accweather forecast. mike? >> we start with live doppler 7
6:56 am
hd, you can see the best radar returns to the south and breaks in the cloud cover to the north where we have had the thickest fog this morning and half mile in santa rosa and two miles in novato and 2 1/2 miles in san jose. be careful. there is a lot of moisture in the air even if it is not showers and the streets are still wet. we could have wetter areas to the south in the afternoon. >> the san mateo bridge moving with the tail lights headed to the san mateo area from hayward, it is busy but traffic is moving with no stalls or accidents and we have first reports of an accident in petaluma, south 101 at petaluma boulevard south there is slow traffic approaching that blocking the left lane there and debris if lanes east 380 toward 101 and to sfo something caused five vehicles to have flat tires. before 580 junction an accident
6:57 am
cleared to the shoulder with slow traffic toward oakland. there you have it. >> abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america". captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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